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General Information

For all daycare enquiries please call 07354005692. Please note we can only accept dogs that weigh less than 15kg. The sign up process is simple and straightforward but we do require the dog comes in for a trial hour so we can see how they adapt to the environment and other dogs. If you are interested in your dog becoming a Pet-A-Pooch dog (great for socialisation with people as well as dogs!) please note that there are a few additional requirements and inclusion is at our discretion. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch any weekday 7am-7pm or Saturday 10am-4pm. Also, please note that whilst we do have handwashing facilities, we do not have a toilet. Sorry for any inconvenience! Many thanks, King's Dog Daycare

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About Us


At King's Dog Daycare, we hold the belief that dogs transcend the role of mere pets; they are cherished companions, emotional supports, and integral members of the family. Originally established as a dog daycare facility, we have since evolved into a haven for both devoted dog owners and dog lovers alike. In addition, we offer delicious single-origin Columbian coffee and our hot chocolates and matcha lattes are gaining quite the following!

For discerning dog owners, we extend an invitation to use our Dog Daycare services for dogs weighing under 15 kilograms. Our dedicated daycare space encompasses a spacious playroom and garden. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive Grooming services, including indulgent treatments such as Blueberry Facials, Pawdicures, and Wash & Floof's, featuring the esteemed Melanie Newman product line.

For the dog admirers among us, we offer the unique Pet-A-Pooch experience, where you can enjoy 45 minutes of cuddles with our beautiful dogs and even get a snap with the regal King Louie, our esteemed Chow Chow.

Regrettably, during designated Pet-A-Pooch hours, unregistered dogs are not permitted in our cafe area. However, we warmly welcome your furry companions on weekdays from

7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

We can't wait to welcome you to King's!


The King's Team

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