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Daycare & Socialisation


Enquire about our Pick Up/Drop Off Service! 

Currently servicing Chelsea, Knightsbridge & Mayfair!

We offer a wide range of dog related services here at King's but our primary objective is to serve as a safe and nurturing environment for dogs. 

We have space each day for up to 13 dogs and this allows us to attend to every need thoroughly and encourage socialisation in a controlled way.

Whilst we absolutely adore big dogs too, we have introduced a weight cap of 15KG. This is to ensure some of our smaller doggos feel safe to get involved with play and other activities without risk of injury.

Please read below for more details about out daycare services.



There are many ways in which daycare is beneficial for dogs, but perhaps the most important is socialisation. This is the process whereby a dog becomes comfortable and confident around other dogs and learns good manners for how to approach a potential new friend in the park, street or elsewhere. 

Due to the relatively small capacity and nature of our daycare we are perfectly positioned to oversee a dogs introduction to a more social life in a gradual way and are highly experienced in guiding interactions towards positivity and friendliness. 


Socialisation is best started young and we tend to recommend short sessions at first to avoid over-stimulation. Some dogs may take a little longer to settle in, but whether it takes just a few sessions or is a more ongoing process, there is no denying that socialisation is beneficial in a number of ways. 



Once socialised and comfortable in our daycare space, we can then offer a range of daycare options to you and your dog.

With regular daycare, your dog will benefit from feeling as if they are truly part of a pack. We are selective with the dogs that we take on and your dog will be surrounded by friendly and familiar dogs and people on a regular basis, providing a safe space away from home. This environment works wonders for any dogs confidence and can be instrumental in dealing with many behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and over attachment. 

We offer daycare Mon-Fri from 7am-7pm and pricing (incl VAT) is as follows:


Hourly: £12 p/h

Half Day: £40 (up to 4 hours)

Full Day: £72 (up to 12 hours)

We have packages available for purchase such as:


8 Full Day Package - (5% discount) - £545

16 Full Day Package - (10% discount) - £1035

We also offer a Pick up and Drop off service in the Chelsea/Mayfair area for an additional fee. Please let us know if you are interested in this and we can put together a quote based on location and regularity.


Sign Up

The sign up process is simple and straightforward. We simply ask that you complete the signup form on the home page. After signing up, we invite you to bring your dog in for a trial hour so we can see how they adapt to the environment and other dogs. 

If you are interested in your dog becoming a Pet-A-Pooch dog please note that there are a few additional requirements and inclusion is at our discretion. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch Mon-Fri 7am-7pm.

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