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Prices based on size are decided during a brief consultation in store.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Due to our tight scheduling, if you are over 20 minutes late unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will have the time required to groom your dog. 


For all grooming enquiries, please call or text 07354005692 or email

Wash & Tidy



Revitalize Your Dog’s Coat with Our Pampering Services


At King's, we offer a delightful way to bring your furry friend’s coat back to a clean and cuddly condition. Our services include:

  1. Wash, Brush, and De-Matt: We’ll gently wash, thoroughly brush, and remove any mats if necessary. Afterwards, your dog will enjoy a warm blow-dry and a freshly scented spritz. Perfect for maintaining their coat between full grooming sessions.

  2. Tidy Package: In addition to the above, our “Tidy” package includes:

    • Nail Clipping: We’ll trim your dog’s nails to keep them neat and comfortable.

    • Sanitary Area Trim: We’ll tidy up around their sensitive areas.

    • Eye and Paw Trimming: Precise trimming around the eyes and paws for a polished look.

Duration: Our pampering session typically lasts 1 to 2 hours, depending on your dog’s size and temperament.


Full groom


Indulge Your Dog with Our Comprehensive Full Grooming Service


At King's, our full groom service is a luxurious experience for your beloved canine companion. Here’s what it entails:

  1. Two-Shampoo Cleanse and De-Matting: We start by giving your dog a thorough two-shampoo cleanse, ensuring their coat is fresh and clean. If there are any mats, we gently de-matt their fur to restore its natural bounce.

  2. Brush Out and Hand Drying: Our gentle and highly trained groomer will meticulously brush out your dog’s coat while hand-drying it. This process ensures a soft, fluffy finish that you & your dog will love.

  3. Tailored Haircut: Your dog’s fur is expertly cut to a style or breed standard, as agreed upon with you, the owner. Whether it’s a chic trim or a classic look, we’ll make sure your dog looks their best.

  4. Nail Clipping and Ear Check: We pay attention to the details! Your dog’s nails are neatly clipped, and their ears are checked for cleanliness and health.

  5. Sanitary Area Trim and Cleanup: We tidy up around sensitive areas, ensuring your dog feels comfortable and fresh.

After a King's full groom, your dog will be brought back to its magnificent self, ready to strut their stuff! 

Duration: The full grooming session typically takes 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on your dog’s size, breed, and temperament. Rest assured, they’ll leave feeling pampered and fabulous! 

Puppy intro

Introduce your dog to a lifetime of floofiness

Puppy intro grooms are a great way to introduce your dog to the grooming process. Unlike regular grooming sessions, we do not cut or style a puppy’s fur until it has fully matured. This approach will be discussed in depth with you to ensure the best plan for your puppy’s needs.

We always aim to provide the best care for your new pups, handling them with gentleness and careful not to overwhelm them.


Our goal is to ensure they have a positive and enjoyable first grooming experience so that they always see grooming as a fun experience.

Duration: The grooming session for puppies typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, which may vary according to the size, breed, and temperament of your puppy. 


Teeth Hygiene Services


Safeguarding Your Dog’s Dental Health with Gentle Cleaning Services


We all recognise the significance of preserving your dog’s dental hygiene and ensuring their teeth and gums remain pristine and healthy.

At King's, we provide hypersonic teeth cleaning services that are designed to be stress-free and do not require anaesthesia. Hypersonic teeth cleaning is preferable to simple brush cleaning as it is less invasive and typically takes less time, whilst producing superior  and more lasting results. Whilst these services are suitable for many, it may not be feasible for every dog, particularly if they find it challenging to remain still.


In cases of more advanced dental issues or the presence of dental diseases, we advise a consultation at your veterinarian’s practice for specialised care.

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